I just got back from hawaii and MY god, i have to start another TANK!!


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just wanted you all to know i was thinkin about this board when i was snorkeling in maui. i saw some HUGE triggers, cool white tip sharks, and some awsome boxfish, puffers, oh it was great
I have to start anothe tank! i was swimming in one a few days ago! lol
i took some video at the Maui ocean center, i am putting it on the computer and editing it, going to post a link for you guys to see it. Some awsome stuff there. its all the local fish
I loved the green sea turtles. i want one of those :) even though they were about 4 feet long. I could hold on to them and they swam me around! i'll post underwater pics when i get a scanner going.
im sure you guys dont want to see the on land pics that i took with my digital, but check out this sunset last week!!! If anyone wants a 1600x1200 version, email me. its a cool desktop wallpaper!!!


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molokini - i went there for snorkleing. it was cool! got some underwater pics, and a cool white tip reef shark pic! also some moray's and tons of fish. visibility was 300ft!!


Do any of you know a good place to snorkel on Oahu, other than Huanama Bay?? I've been there before and it's always so crowded! I'll be going in June on my honeymoon and would like to find some other places to snorkel.