I need help saving tank

I had my water tested at LFS (not a dip strip) amonia, trates, trites and phosphates were all 0. PH was a little low and salinity was fine (1.02). But if I remember corectly the algae feeds off the phosphates so it's normal for that tobe 0.

I have been doing water changes and got a new cleaning crew.

So I got my new tank and set it up.

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The rock formation looks great.
Thank you Flower for looking into that, the link did not work. I did find some old posts from 2011 when the hair algae broke out, but I was looking for my original posts from 2005 when I first joined. I could have seen what I did way back then with pictures and everything. I feel like a noobie.

I just got back from the LFS and they did not have dead sand, they only had 5lb bags of LFS so I got 2 bags. They did have purigen so I got a bag of that.

I have PhosBan, but it's more than 3 yrs old so I'm thinking of calling the company and seeing if it's still good.

Thanks again guys
Phosban will last 2 to 3 months at most...depending on several factors.


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Updated photo, I changed some of the coral around, I cant believe how good everything is doing. Amazing what happens when you actually take care of a tank instead of neglecting it ;) I got a little candy cane coral and a cleaner shrimp.