ID please


just found this on the glass of my tank. almost looks like a mini starfish with a missing arm. bottom is white with tube feet and top is a dark green. curious to know what this is an if it is harmful to my corals/fish. thanks



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I have those too....
any clue what it is. i have only found one this is the first time i've seen them. only light that is on right now is my led night lights. it's just kinda ironic that the same week i lose one of my favorite sps that i find one of these. so far in the past month i've found monti eating nudibrancs, flatworms, and now this. it's only a matter of time before i find red bugs. i dip all corals with lugol's while acclimatting to. time to start qting corals again for longer.


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Looks like an Asterina to me, but I'm no expert.
They're harmless. I've got a red/blue one in my tank that's already split once. So I guess technically I have two.


I agree it's an asterina. I have some like that that have six legs. I have some pink on the top ones that are attacking my zoanthids, so I am getting rid of them in my tank.