Identifying Zoanthids- Help!



I have purchased 2 different colonies of Zoanthids, and another frag of something else.
I need some help identifying what I purchased, because I am new to the hobby, and like to keep track of what is in my tank!

The pictures are not of the best quality, and I am sorry about that!

Also, the ones in the first picture do not seem to be doing well, and they look like they are dying.
Should they be moved closer to the top?
Also, how often should they be fed? (I am target feeding them frozen brine shrimp)

Any help/advice is appreciated!



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Yep. They are zoanthids. ;)

Some people might tell you they are radioactive dragon eye purple people eaters or gorilla nipples or some idiotic name used to sell them. What truly matters is that they are zoanthids and they have certain feeding, lighting and flow requirements. Research that and go from there.


hah! i know some of the names are so ridiculous.
Is the green rock-like one also a zoanthid?
It is not soft, and hard to the touch so I was wondering if its the same thing?


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Yup 2 zoa frags and a Duncan or trumpet coral. Looks like the middle coral or the stony coral isn't doing well. I don't see any flesh, just skeleton.
Fwiw or imoe putting a coral lower with less flow and less light is best for new coral. It takes time to acclimate to ur conditions.
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Its not a trumpet. My Duncan closed up like that when I first got it. Yours should start opening up in a couple of days. Depending on how long you've had it that is. Just keep low in the tank and on a low light and run the lights for about 6hrs for a couple of days. Then 8hrs for a couple of days with lights turned up. Then 10hrs at full light. Then you can start moving it up a little at a time to where its happy with medium flow. You'll have to target feed it 3-4 times a week. My Duncan still closes up like that when my peppermint shrimps clean it looking for food.


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Your going to want to move that Duncan to a larger plug or a rock. When it does start opening its going to be top heavy and any water flow is going to knock it over.


the zoa's are zoas, the third picture may even be palythoa. name em whatever you wan't I like the name clyde.

the 2nd picure may be either a candy cane or a duncan hard to tell show us a picture when the tentacles come out that will settle it.