If You Need Southdown~


I'd be willing to hit the home depot and ship it to you. Im not interested in making any money maybe a trade ::cough::
BUT nonetheless thats not required and I know the Home Deopt around here carries that. If you need it let me know.


That would be great except the shipping! I need around 6 bags, with shipping the price would be close to just buying the $20 bags here.

ruh roh

Right... and when youtake them to the place to ship you'll see why the price goes up. Unless you find someone that wants a palet, then you can ship it freight and they can distribute it for you.

ruh roh

48.40 - UPS for 50lbs and 24x12x3 inch box (one bag)
35.48 - FedEx
$40.11- USPS Parcel Post
$16.84- Media Mail (your risk)
Now that $20 bag of sand isn't looking so bad...
(prices assumed from DC, to Southern CA. Just zips I knew being a transplant)
It might actually get worthwhile in LARGE shipments... but one bag is horrifically expensive.
Of course if your working out as a trade might be a good deal. Especially if you have ways to ship stuff besides public prices ;)
Or if they need 200+lbs you can use freight and might get cheaper.


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Originally posted by a9chooch
what is southdown?:thinking: :help:

A typically very cheap alternative to the high priced sands sold at LFS.