Important Changes to the Live Selling Forum Effective Wednesday, October 29th

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Question for SWF here.....
Is there a way that members who have been constant, prooven and GREAT sellers/traders on here can get a good rep score on the site without having to start from zero? I for one have not bought from everyone that is a "valuable" seller/trader here but I know there are a TON that have worked hard to gain there rep so people know that they are great to deal with!

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Thanks for the discussion. We appreciate getting everyone's input.
Based on comments, we have increased the number of photos that can be uploaded to 10. We have also eliminated the Swap Fee. We will make no other changes to the structure.
Change is always difficult. We were deciding whether to close down the Selling Forums completely or take this approach. We decided to continue to provide this service with the appropriate controls in place... and to make this meaningful for a broader cross-section of our members. You should know that 90% of the problems on this board came from these Forums and it was becoming unmanageable for the moderators, many of our members, and for the admin. Whether is successful or not is up to you as members.


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This stinks, now we are all going to be stuck over on -- again. Might have been plausible if you would have tied the public stats and user accounts together, but now anyone can sign up over there with someone else's username from here and there is no way to tell, at least until paypal info is shared and that only works if you know who they were over here previously.
I'm really disappointed. This has been home for me, but a good portion of us constantly add and change setups and trade frags and if I have to go somewhere else to do that it's kind of silly not to just post there too. sad day :(


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I'm on the fence. Although the setup seems perfectly fair (this is, after all, a BUSINESS,) I refuse to ever use paypal. I got the proverbial scr*w from paypal once before on the Bay, and I simply will. not. use. them. So, if paypal is the only way they accept payment.....sorry. I'm glad the swap portion is still free, but apparently if I need to go buy a used light (and I'll need one soon!) I'll be looking elsewhere. Shame.


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After taking away that stupid 5% fee its really not that bad afterall. I actually kind of like it, and appologize to the SWF guys for talking down on it. Now the only problem is to get people to join so that we can actually sell things not just post to no replys. I think everyone should join and try it out! Once you get the hang of becomes much easier than it looks..


I like the fact that only reefers on SWF.COM will be there. People who will send there frags and other items with care. Not some idiot with no expernice out to make a buck.


I tried to sign up for this site, got the activation email, but after all that it will not let me log in -? Can an admin help? Same as my user name here.


What I find the MOST frustrating is that you can only use paypal on this site. I do not have access to paypal, only cash and money orders. That is what really hit me the most out of that wall of text. I'm sure there are others like me out there that do not have access to Paypal, or don't really want to be associated with paypal.