Inverts and Corals Keep dying...... Any Ideas???


So over the last 1.5 to 2 years I have settled to just have FOWLR tank and decided to take a stab at some simple inverts again...... unfortunately still no luck! My tank is probably 4 years old and still don’t see any coralline algae, and have no luck with any inverts or softies?


All the fish seem to be great and have had most of them a long time. I have an Ecotech Radon XR30 on the display and a cheaper light in the sump that alternates to try to minimize ph swings. The one in the sump is a ***** special.... haha, it’s a Fluval coral life I believe???


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Ah ok. Coraline should grow. Its messed up, but it can just be that one thing off and it all goes to hell


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Magnesium is important for good coralline growth you also need alkalinity at the correct level. It also grows better with low phosphates.


I figured I would let everyone know that I finally figured out the issues I had! I am finally able to keep corals and inverts!!!! Just softies at the moment.

***The Issue***
Overdosing GFO and stripping the water column of trace elements. After I finally figured this out I did about 8 10% water changes over a period of 4 days. I have several inverts and about 8 frags of softies. They all seem to be doing pretty good! Who would have thought GFO could have had such a negative impact..... hahahaha