is it possible to add a corner or internal overflow to a glass tank


well through my whole dilemma i am looking into buying a 75 gal glass tank. the only thing is i dont want a hang on overflow. is there a way i can add a overflow that is inside the tank and drains thorugh the bottom or back? i know i would have to drill the glass so that would be the first thing. i guess what i am wondering then is where you can buy this type of thing, and how to seal it in.


Any of the LFS in your area should be able to order one for you , just try to make sure that it will match the color of the background that you choose.
Get the tank drilled first with drain hole and return hole, then add the overflow tower.
There are many places on line that you can order them from.


haha thanks thats where i got the idea i just would like to have a system like those reef ready acrylics they sell so if i bought his i would like to do that.


Unless u already have a 75, I would suggest buying one w/ an overflow already installed... If u have one, then u best bet would be to drill through the back, and not the bottom, the bottom is most likely tempered... then just silicone an acylic boc in, and set up a durso.. Dont forget a bulkhead on the hole u drilled...