Is my clownfish okay?


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I have a 55 gallon tank, 40lbs of live rock, 60lbs of live sand. My tank has properly cycled, I put in a Scooter Goby, purple firefish, Wyoming white clownfish, and black Ocellaris all from the same LPS. The Wyoming white is about double the size of the black clownfish. It was attacking the black clown for a few days, i thought they were pairing but then i found a chunk out of the top fin, so i put the Wyoming white in a “jail” breeder mesh box. I’ll reintroduce the Wyoming in a week, then i’ll do a black out for 24hrs. Does my Black clown look okay? Will he be okay with just a missing piece? Is it possible fin rot? should i medicate him in a QT? Do you think they’ll get along in the future, even maybe pair?



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Sometimes clowns just don’t get along. The black clownfish should heal just fine but test your water frequently to ensure that the fin will grow back fast. Poor water quality can cause issues with the fins growing back


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If it’s been two days and still aggression then I would trade one clown and try again. Same size clowns should pair up. Good luck
As the other comment says, 1.023 is fine for most fish. Most can live even in hyposalinity (often done intentionally to fight ich) of as low as ~1.010. If you have inverts or corals, however, they're going to prefer salinity of 1.024 or 1.026, respectively.
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