Is this algae good for my sump, tank, critters???

Hey guys and gals
So I bought some Chaeto for my sump and several weeks later, I had a huge outbreak of what appears to be Sea Lettuce or Ulva rigida. It must have been within the chaeto I bought. Well this stuff is gowing like wildfire in my sump and I am constantly having to remove portions of the algae in order to make room for it to grow (just like you would with chaeto). I have had chaeto before and it is good stuff and grows quickly but this sea lettuce is amazing. It grows as fast as kelp.
I just wanna make sure its as good as chaeto or if I should soley use the chaeto. My tangs love this sea lettuce and so do my angles.
Would you all recommend Sea Lettuce for NO3/PO4 exportation purposes?
Would you all recommend Sea lettuce as a food source for my algae eating critters?


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Some folks pay good money for your hitchhiker algae
Man I have a 100g sump full of this stuff. Its freaking amazing. I thought chaeto was good but this stuff is insane.
every time I gotta throw some away I always wished I could sell it or give it to someone who could use it. I have a manufacturing plant for sea lettuce. I have just never used it before. But hey I like it I guess. If sells it, its gotta be good.
Lucky me