Is this OK placement for a GSP frag?

I just picked up some new coral for the first time ever (the tank came established with some mush and a leather). The zoa I bought and ricordea mush look like they are settling in well for it being less than 24 hours. The gsp I got still hasn't opened up and last night a crab moved it and I had to reposition it this morning. It has like 3 contact spots with the live rock, but sits kind of in and over a little crevice. Is this OK? I attached a couple photos, sorry for the poor quality.


Thanks. Actually opened up for a little while today. Do the coral glues they sell dry under water? If it spreads like wild fire in my tank I would like to move some frags in the future to the back of the glass or the sump.


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Yes they do, they actually dry better under water. When you put it on the frag out of the water it will form a skin. When you put it on the rock kind of mush it and twist it a little and it will work better I use a lot of glue when I attach things. I use the BSI (Bob Smith Industries) IC-Gel insta cure cyanoacrylate gel. I don't like the epoxies. They dont stick as well and they send the skimmer into crazy mode.
Thanks. I just ordered some - somebody flipped the coral today! Think I'm going to glue it to the back wall of the tank!
Got some BSI gel the other day and my GSP is now secured tightly to the back wall. Opened up the first full day of being there and looks awesome!!! Thanks for the suggestion, that stuff worked great.