Is this spawning behavior?


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We've had our clowns for about 6 months. They were predicted to be about 2 or so months old when we purchased them, making them around 8 months old now. Our female has started to hover around one spot on the sand bed and sort of swim in place, with the male repeatedly swimming over to "check" on her and occasionally bother her to the point where she quickly swims away and hides from him. She will then return to the same spot on the sand bed a few minutes later. This is odd as they have always stuck together in the tank, as they are bonded. She will let him come close, but seems to get irritated at him easily.

I just checked our levels and we are ammonia-free. All corals and other fish are acting fine. Wondering if she is getting ready to spawn? We are new to the hobby, so we aren't sure if this is normal behavior. Thanks!


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Im not a expert but its probably more a sign of coming of age or a tift between the two. The male is physically ready but females I think need to be around 2 years old before they can actually lay eggs.

Keep an eye out for an enlarged belly or tattered fins on the female as a sign.

If she does lay eggs it most likely won't be in the sand but on a rock.


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I find my male laying in the sand every night with female hovering over sometimes laying there for mins...Freaked me out first time I watched thought he was dead....inseparable two fish fun to watch..