It's been awhile


Hi all!
I still lurk in the background and delete spam but haven't posted in a while. My little monster keeps my busy (can you believe she's 20m already?!?) and I've returned to work. I've also been in the process of trying to help my husband open a tattoo study in our local village as well as running a mommy blog. Busy busy busy.
We got rid of our 180. We traded it with stand and canopy to our LFS for a brand new 80g shallow and stand. Hubby built new LEDs and so far I'm happy with the change.
I'll be posting a thread for the new tank soon.
In the mean time, here's some pics of Julianna (aka Monster)



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Does Juliana like younger men? This is my grandson, Jack, now 7 months old. Nice to hear from you. How are you making out with the tattoo store - has the village given in?


You're grandson is adorable :) Daddy said she's not allowed to date, EVER.

The village is still fighting us. Ultimately they will give in or at the very least spend a lot of money to rewrite their law because the way it is currently written is discriminatory. We have a huge ace in our pocket right now because one of their big concerns was allowing us to be near the public library because it would "be a bad image for children," and they just allowed a cigar shop to open in the exact location we were proposing.