I've missed it so much, I am coming back!


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Hello to everyone on the board
I have been checking in every now and then. Let me just say, that i miss my tank!
So, I am going to start another one. Just finally recovering from the bills i had to pay.
Im thinking about doing a little nano tank. something real small for the time being.
to all of those who bought my livestock, if your here, hows everything doing?
After a rafting trip this weekend i plan to go out and start buying some goods to make the tank happen. I am pretty darn excited :)
lets hear some input!


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im thinking of doing like the 11 gal kit.
not sure yet.
heck, knowing me i'll probobly get some big ol' tank
this is the first reply here on the forum, ive gotten about 8 emails. lol.


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Glad you are deciding to get back into the hobby! If you want a nano, you can't beat an AGA 7gal bow tank. Get a 32watt pc or 2 and your in business.

melissa v.

Now you know from experience, that you will not be happy with a little nano, just go for it and get the biggest tank you can afford, then take your time filling it up:D (After all that is the most fun part anyways)
Melissa V.