John Edward ?


Im very excited!! I may be a lunatic, but I believe in him! lol Slyvia Brown, I just dont buy..I think could do the same thing she does! She wont even let those ppl finish what they want to say or ask! LOL...but John Edward, he doesnt seem to guess or be vague..he seems very detailed....I believe him for sumreason..Im gonna go and see for myself if in person he is the same as on TV!
I got tickets to his seminar in Louisville for July 8. I cant wait to see him, anyone here ever seen him live???


I had a reading with Sylvia Brown (cheaper if you more then 3 that are going to a seminar to just have a private reading). She was right on about everything she said. I believe in that stuff now.....


there are a lot of people who try to pull it off but i really believe in Edward. i would love to see him in person, that would be cool. i wouldnt ordinarily just believe in this stuff but i have had a lot of things happen in my life that defiantly make me wonder !


I havent seen him but two friends of mine went to NYC to see him shortly after the teenage son of one of them died. She came back much happier and said that every hair on her body was standing on end listening to him and how accurate he was about things.
She was leary going there cause she didnt want to get her hopes up but it was amazing how much more content she was after she came home.