(KH) (CA) & (PH) Problem


I have a major (KH) (CA) & (PH) Problem. Can't figure out how to get them right!! Please HELP!!
30 gallons:
S.G. - 1.024
NH3- 0
NO2- 0
NO3- 12ppm
PH- 7.9!!!
CA- 600!!!
KH- 210!!!
A were tested using the Hagen Master test kit!!
I just did a 20% water change hoping that will help and have added a Poly Filter to the hang on filter, is there anything else I can do?? (this is what my LFS told me to do but I trust you guys a lot more)
What would have caused this to happen??:thinking:


1 Hour after 20% water change:
S.G.- 1.023
PH- 8.1
CA- 560ppm
KH- 190ppm
PO4- .25
Still need to know what else to do and what could have caused this spike!!
:confused: :confused:


What salt mix do you use, and what temp are you running at?.
Ever check magnesium?
Ever use a buffer for your alk? If so what?


Oceanic salt
Kent Marine Superbuffer- once
Liquid calcium - when needed
I want to drip Kalk but from what i have read (through the search of KH/CA) I need to get my levels right.
I am using the Hagen test kit and the KH test says to multply the # of drops by 10 to get mg/l, ppm.... how do i get the DKH from this #?
Am I missing a Test??
Thanks a ton for your help, I have been reading about this for weeks and can't figure it out!!


You only used the superbuffer once?, thats why your alk is low...
You need to get a magnesium test kit, Salifert test kits is really good.
*Magnesium helps to maintain your calcium and alk. levels.


i think you should get different brand test kits, anyway heres a balancing table from kip4130..your alk should be around sea levels at least.
Alk/ dKH/ Calcium
0.00 0.00 360
0.50 1.40 370
1.00 2.80 380
1.50 4.20 390
2.00 5.60 400
2.50 7.00 410
3.00 8.40 420 (Near sea water)
3.50 9.80 430
4.00 11.20 440
4.50 12.60 450
5.00 14.00 460
5.50 15.40 470
6.00 16.80 480
6.50 18.20 490
7.00 19.60 500


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I would get some reliable test kits as my first priority. Salifert makes great test kits. Cost a little bit of money, but hey how much money do you have in your tanks...


I don't lie Hagen. I used my kit a few times then ended up giving away the entire "suitcase". I switched to Salifert, like everyone is suggesting. When you do, you will then find out why I didn't like Hagen.
Good luck!!


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I don't trust hagen anymore. The hagen test kits for ca don't work with Oceanic salt, or at least give false high readings. I had a PO4 test kit that always showed my levels at 0, but with the salifert I sometimes detect PO4. Saliferts are much more accurate and professional IMO.


Thanks for the help!! It can't hurt to have more than one test kit... there is a lot more than that in my tank!!