Koralia 4s, Seio 2600s, & E.T.S.S. Reef Devil

tx reef

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I have an E.T.S.S. reef devil skimmer with catalina pump.
Also, I have 2 Seio 2600 powerheads.
Last, I have 2 Koralia 4s.
All equipment is 18 months old and was only used for about 10 months (the Koralias are only 12 months old and used for 4 months). The equipment has no defects (no cracks, bad cosmetic defects, etc...) and works like new.
E.T.S.S. Reef Devil......$145 SHIPPED

Seio 2600s (both together)........$85 SHIPPED

Koralia 4s (both together)............$60 SHIPPED

It will be a next week before I get the Koralias cleaned up and post pictures. They will be moderately covered with coralline just the Seios.
I have not had any negative feedback......all positive (check the feedback thread)
P.M. me if interested.



you still have the koralia 4s forsale?? i am interested. can you post up some pics of it, thankyou.