Large Angelfish


What Species of large angelfish would be suitable for a 100 gallon aquarium? I was leaning towards french angelfish, but was not sure if they are hard to take care of, or what about the emperor angel? Do they need any specific requirements? I plan on keeping this a single specimen tank.
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I am by no means an angel expert. Never had one, but here is my two cents. I think both are very stunning, and either would be a fantastic a very large tank. Those are two very big fish, and I don't think 100 gallons would be enough to house an adult, but to each their own..perhaps I am wrong and perhaps you have a plan once they get that big
Allow me to edit...The amount of gallons I do not think would be a problem, as far as bioload anyway. The problem I see is the 15 to 18" of fish trying to turn around in a 20" deep aquarium, and a fish that big is going to need to turn around alot as it will swim 5' in one stroke of the tale.


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French and Emperor Angels get up to 16"+. I would steer clear of any fish in the Pomacanthus or Holacanthus genus as they get large. Consider the Chaetodontoplus genus (Poma, Velvet, Scribbled, etc), also the Genicanthus genus would be a good choice.


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Both of those are big angels how about one that doesn't get quite so big. Check into the Majestic.


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I don't think a 100gal, is any more then 18" deep. That said, any big angel, like the Emporer is off the list. There are a number of 'large' (not dwarfs) angels that would still manage quite well, look into the Genicanthus genus of angels, Lamarck or Bellus, there's also the FlagFin, Poma, Cream, and Black Velvet angels, plus the Majestic.


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I will agree with the above posts....Big Angels need big tanks.
Look at Majestic and Black Velvet, I have the later and love him, he would do well in a 100 gallon tank. Mine pretty much never leaves the front of the tank and is beautiful....Just keep in mind all angels need excellent, stable water conditions.


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100g is ok for a small juvi angel for a while. This by no means is a good long term tank for any large angel except for the smaller large angels.
IMHO, I would look into the following for your tank:
- Singapore angel
- Black Velvet
- Majestic
- Flagfin
Also, to add onto what KJR said, you need pristeen water for angels. They do not tolerate bad water quality. This means, you should have your aquarium setup for at least 6 months to get all the kinks out.


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A French anglefish would get to big I have seen them while scuba diving and they get pretty big but that is in the wild. I think it will get to big for the tank look at the Blue Girdled Angelfish if you are looking for color.

Hope I can help.