large giant carpet


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hi i have a large giant carpet in a bow front 65 gallon with a chunk of live rock on a sand bed i see he has se
ttled in because he was up against the rock and has since planted his foot way deep in the sand on clown fish host him i keep it filled with ghost shrimp 1clown fish and 2 hermit crabs oh and 2-4 mollies.. Im scared he isnt gettin enough light it is 20inches from ho
od that holds 2t5,s with a reflector and there are led inside do u guys think he will be okay dont
want to lose him


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I am not certain what the lighting requirements are for carpets, but 2 x T5's doesn't sound like its enough.
Carpets are also fish eaters. Don't be surprised if you come home one day and the clown is gone.
What's up with the Mollies??


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I put the mollies in because I know that they are fish eaters and mollies are $1 or sometimes 2 for $1 at petsmart.