large in wall tank idea


ok so i seen a vid of a black tip shark in a 1000 gallon tank. and just by seeing how wide the tank was gave me some weird idea.
in wall tank. say 10' long and 30" tall. now if you have a garage with unused space. the tank can go like as far back as you wanted. giving you the ability to put a ton of diff fish in, have a built in frag tank. ect.
i will post a picture to explain my idea muahaha



so like you can put the MH pendants and actinics over the "wall of rock" which is the display side of the tank where all the corals, ect will be aquascaped onto. then like a couple 72" PCs to light the rest of the tank which is just for fish hiding ect. then a pendant over the frag rack(red part)
just if you had the room or cash for something like this it would be amazing in my eyes, the stocklists would be frikin awesome. i mean you wouldn't be able to see all the fish at once of course but still.
heating would be a big prob i think, unless the large pond heaters are able to be used in SW. then filtration would be like a large over flow on the back side of the tank and return to the front of the tank. some mag ks for flow and a giant skimmer.
comments? suggestions? this has me thinking "one day" muahaha


A tank like that would be unreal - I just saw the video too, but I was thinking more along the lines of a 12' x 5' x 3' tank (1400 gal).
Your tank would be on the same order as the large display tanks at public aquariums - the filter alone could take up the rest of your garage, not to mention the cost of electricity, salt, water......
Either tank would cost a small fortune, so i'm just gonna go ahead and spend the $20 to visit my aquatic friends at the local public aquarium - For some strange reason I like to see small sharks, big sharks, otters, and penguins all under one roof. If on'y I won $100 Mil in the lottery I would have my own public aquarium


oh most deff. it would be a fortune.
but actually i can see a somewhat cost efficient way to run the tank. the only real costs would be lighting and salt.
the filtration would be large mechanical sheets like for ponds, a large skimmer and a low energy HO pump. like a pool pump or a pond pump.
i think the monthly running costs would be about the same as a large pool.
and the space would take up, say one side of a 3 car garage.
i can totally see someone with the cash and time to create a monster like this. hell on MFK they made a 50,000 gallon tank and built a separate house thing for it. so with the cash it could be done, and it would be somewhat practical compared to some of the large systems i have seen
50000 gal tank^


Originally Posted by kmart189
You do realize those are freshwater fish dont you? still an awesome tank
yeah i know, i was just saying if ppl can make something like that. then a tank that takes up one side of a garage isnt too far out


I just set one up about 4 months ago and heating isn't a problem when you consider the 2 reeflo pumps 2 hydors (4) HSA skimmer, (4) 110w VHO's The problem is water changes and space. Mine is a built-in and I have a 4'x15' room behind it and it isn't enough space. LR for a tank this sz is unthinkable. I currently have $500 in acrylic plus another 900lbs in DSB and it looks bare. Saving for some


Do a search for big tanks on thise website. I know i have seen one on here in the last year or that is very similiar to what you are saying. He used his extra garage stall.


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Originally Posted by Zelfin http:///forum/post/3047206
Do a search for big tanks on thise website. I know i have seen one on here in the last year or that is very similiar to what you are saying. He used his extra garage stall.
You mean this one?
Almost as cool as Bang's lagoon