Lawnmower blenny stopped eating in QT


hey guys I have a chromis and a LMB in the QT, they have a week left in there.

The lawnmower blenny was eating fine when I added him to the QT. He was eating pellets, nori and omega one veggie rounds. As I’ve done more water changes he’s becoming increasingly shy. And now for the past 3 days he’s not eating the nori I put in the tank. I can’t tell if he eats the other stuff (rounds and pellets) because he doesn’t come out to eat when I’m there and the chromis eats the other stuff.

Today out of curiosity I filmed the tank for 2hrs and I saw he doesn’t even come out of his pvc pipe (the only decoration in the tank) after I added food. He just looks out from the pvc pipe. He hasn’t become skinnier. The QT has also started growing brown film algae in the last week.

No signs of disease by which I mean no white spot no flaking skin no flashing and no rubbing against rocks on the rare occasions every few days when I do see him out. The chromis is fine and eating well.

Do you have any suggestions on what to do? Try put some rocks with GHA or chaeto from my DT/sump in? Go ahead with putting him in DT in a weeks time because he’ll probably prefer it there with all the live rock? Delay QT because he maybe ill?

Thanks in advance


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Lawnmower blennies have specific and very limiting dietary needs that mostly can't be met in a QT and, to a great extent, can't be met in the display tank either. For most hobbyists, best to not get this species.