Led neon flex


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By using LED technology the user can create stunning full colour displays, effects and set design allowing for limitless options in the ever growing entertainments and Leisure industries.
led neon flex Lighting has been available for many years as the standard fixed colour glass tube lighting using argon and other gases to create, under large amounts of pressure, the coloured effects on signs and highlighting buildings throughout the world.
Led Neon can be shaped by hand and moulded into just about any shape, allowing for limitless possibilities when creating signs, bespoke designs and building highlights.
For led neon flex, we have 3 standars: mini size led neon 10*22mm, standard led neon 12*26mm, superbright led neon 16*27mm
Colors: red, orange, yellow, blue, green, white, warm white, pink.
I also prefer LED lightnings for my aquarium and I found this very helpful as far as quality and electricity bill is concern. I always get confused about the color selection and I do not know what color to choose from.