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well i dont know about jumpers but heres what 1 sight says on the internet
These fishes belong in the "Order Perciformes" and placed in the "Suborder Percoidei" as members of the "Family Serranidae"(Groupers & Anthias) which then contains the "Subfamily Anthiinae." It consists of 20 genera with about 170 species, which are mostly small, peaceful, and beautiful, yet somewhat difficult to maintain. They colonize the reefs in tropical seas in large numbers and are mainly zooplankton feeders. Anthias mostly inhabit reef faces and slopes/drop-off areas at various depths and are mostly found in a temperature range of 72 - 80°F (22 - 27°C). Since they associate closely with the reef structure, the aquarium should have ample rock structures and hiding places so as to reduce their stress level.
They require exceptional water quality and good water movement and are schoolers in nature, therefore, it may be better to keep them in small groups in the aquarium. Yet, mixing different species in a small aquarium can cause serious disposition problems, which may lead to fighting, injury or death.


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well while we are asking questions do u know anything about carnation coral? i saw a cool looking one at the LFS
what color is it?? i saw a cool one on here that was red


yeah but they did not have too much info on it. i want to maby see a pic uder actinics. or know are they hard to keep. I posted in the reef forum but no one said anything