Lettuce nudibranch back??


It has been about a year since i have last had a lettuce nudibranch. I have bought two at seperate times and both of them disappered. Over the weekend I found an green slug. looked alot like a nudibranch but with out the "lettuce" Next time i see him i will get a pic couldn't find him at the moment.
Could he have been hiding or an old egg from the previous two I had before? Im not sure what to think:thinking:


I have heard of nudibranches being pregnant when u buy them but I'm not sure how they give birth or anything. I also was thinking of Hybernatin (sp)
The only things I have purchased recenlty is a banggai and so plants that went in the new fuge. but I don't see how it would it made it up to the display with out gettin chopped up from pump.


I have a piece of one nudibranch that went from sump to main . Only the head and a small portion of the body and the darn thing is still alive and eating algae. :scared:


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but that would be extremely weird if it was they are impossible to breed well almost in your case LOL

Nudibranches do breed often in aquariums. They are hermaphrodites, so you just need two. And I think they may be able to self-fertalize, I'm not sure.