Lighting for Oak Colored Tank


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I want and need a new lighting system for my tank. I want to keep basic corals but I know they single strip light i have is no good.
i have the oak colored single strip light on my tank now. (Perfecto ?)
So, I can buy the triple strip light (75 W total) or I prefer getting T 5 lights.
However, I have an oak colored tank and all the light fixtures i see are black. Maybe its me, but I dont think it will look right. Anyone else have this colored tank-what do you use?
I dont think the 3 strip light is good enough.


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The standard-output fluorescent bulbs that go in those stock hood will extremely limit what you can keep. You could probably get away with mushrooms and xenia, and anything nonphotosynthetic.
If you are handy you could build a wooden canopy that matches your stand to house a new lighting system.