Lighting, photosaturation, photoinhibition


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I found this thread to be an interesting read and decided to bump so others can perhaps be enlightened ...
I continue to have issues with color in my corals and still don't know what the underlining factors are. I remember reading that generally corals with darken if they do not get enough light and or food. Too much light they will bleach. After reading this, the corals may darken in coloration to protect themselves and or produce new strains of "darker" zoo that can handle the load... is that right?
I have too many variables going against me to just blame my color loss on my lighting system. Over the past month Ive added sugar and vinegar to my carbon dosing regiment which I started back in mid February. I have tons of growth but every SPS coral has either darkened or lost most of its vibrant colors... I must say the few LPS and zoas that I have, none of them have lost color to my knowledge.