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I have a 20in long tank. Just added fish and coral yesterday I am worried about the lighting that I have. I am using a fluvial aqua sky light. From what I have researched it doesn't seem to be the right light for corals. I currently have a mushroom plug and one leather plug in the tank. Any advice would be appreciated


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Its a low tank. But also a small tank for sw. Especially with fish in it. Frequent water changes and atleast something along the lines of a marine orbit led light. Kessil would wrk well too, you'd only need 1


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Because you only have softies you could add a 2 bulb T5 fixture to the fluval. Get good quality ATI or Giessman bulbs. At least 1 actinic and the other with a lot in the blue spectrum. The fixture doesn’t need to be a fancy expensive one but the bulbs need to be good quality and you need to change them out every 9-12 months.

I use 3 kessi 360s and a 4 bulb T5 fixture in a deep 120 gallon. That is more than enough for anemones, one of the inverts that requires the most light.