Live Rock For Sale in PA

I have over 200 LBS of Fiji rock that is full of tiny brittle's and is full of life. I am on my way out of the hobby. This is for PICK UP ONLY for the time being. I am looking to get 2.50 a LB for it.
I am located near Pottstown PA 19464
This is half of it in my 120.
I am also selling my corals off but I don't have a list together yet.
The Sohal died along with 5 other large fish and an anemone and thats why everything is for sale.
I do still have the clowns which are ORA and are paired up. I would sell the anemone and the clowns for 150.


how far is that from gettysburg? might be interested in some of that rock and maybe a coral or 2. got anything for a beginner?


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what the??????? breaking the tank down? i'm a buyer for a few pieces of live rock and soem corals. give me a call -215-264-2306
This rock should be available by the weekend if anyone is still interested because I need to get rid of everything as soon as possible.


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i'm still interested. i'll come and pick up some from you. when is good?
pm me your address and a time on sunday if possible.