Live Rock for sale/trade $3 per or $2 per for all


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I have more live rock then I need. I think I have about 150lbs extra, although 50 - 60 lbs of that is in one huge rock (12 x 18 x 24), the rest is standard size rock (softball - football sized). The huge rock is from the caribean (had it about 3 weeks), everything else came Marshall Island (I bought from Premium Aquatics about 18 months ago). If you take it all then $2 per lbs otherwise $3 per lbs. It's available now and I'm willing to ship at cost. My zip is 29601 if you want to figure out shipping costs.
I also have probably 2 times as many large coral skeletons as what I used in my new aquascaping (pic below). When I say large I mean 12 - 18 inches tall type peices. I don't think these would ship very so local only on the coral.
I'd be willing to trade too. I'm looking for a octopus/MSX/ASM skimmer (preferably Oct NW200 or something roughly equivalent). I can't take fish or coral today but I'd be willing to ship first if you've be on SWF for a while. I'd be interested in:
encrusting SPS
rare/colorful zoas
large toadstool
yellow tang or purple tang
kole tang or tomini tang
hippo tang
neon gobies
clown gobies
sand sifting goby
mandarin dragonet
paired clowns
Prices are firm.
pictured is the marshall island rock, pic is a couple of months old

similar coral skeletons and the huge rock is similar to the ones here only bigger