Lumenaqua... WOW adjustable Kelvin ratings..


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anyone every seen these? they are called lumenaqua and the bulbs are adjustble.. the k ratins can change the the press of a button.. so buying diff bulbs is no longer.. just turn the dial and bam.. it ranges frmo 2000k to 20000k
this 36 inch light is all yours at 1250..

man do i want one!


the fixture costs that much, or just the bulb? 1200$ for a 36" system is alot. Do they say how it changes the K ratings? seems like it might wear the bulb out pretty fast?


Yeah i saw the video on youtube of that system. The control for the kelvin's is like an ipod, you just rotate your finger around it in a cirlce and it turns it up or down. And it has 3 saved settings to select from. The only thing i could want more would be to have it cycle through your saved settings to give you the ultimate dawn to dusk cycle. But damn they are expensive.


Well it's not a bulb, but bulbs -- dimmable LEDs, so you can either use all whites or blues to dial in your Kelvin rating. Cool. Pricey. But cool.


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Most LED fixtures have this capability. The actual kelvin of the LEDs themselves isn't changing, just changing the intensity of the whites/blues renders a different color.


yeah, i watched that video a long time ago, pretty cool, got reds and yellows and blues. but I kinda doubt that those ligths are powerful enough for corals. Thats likely why we havn't heard much else about them.


I'm going to make a led light with a dimmable power source and it should be able to to this.