Lunula Trigger


Alright I work in a LFS and I was reading the list today and there is a Lunula Trigger on there. The cost is 250-275 depending on size which means we would be selling it at 500. I have never even heard of this trigger before and have only seen one picture and I wasn't much impressed. Is this something really rare I should jump on or?? I love triggers and want the rarer of them but this one just kinda looks like a picaso in a way. Any ideas???


Ive never seen one before, and only seen a single picture of one on a single website. Id jump on it in an instant if you are a large-budget trigger fan.


Same family as the picasso (Rhinecanthus), I assume the same care, here is what wetweb said:
One of the most rare members of the family, the Halfmoon Picasso or Crescent Trigger, Rhinecanthus lunula Randall & Steene 1983, can be had for a few hundred dollars out of Fiji or Australia.
It is listed at fishbase, they say Max. size: 28.0 cm which is around 11 inches, and they say "A rare species that lives in outer reef areas."
Personally if you like the hard to find fish and can properly house this trigger go for it......