macro algae of the moment: Ogo gracilaria


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Gracilaria pacifica also called red grac. or ogo grac.
Red with a shape that makes it apealing to the eye, not super invasive wont dominate your tank. makes a good grazer food, both my tangs love it, usually very inexpensive.
As a refugium species, it has all of the same befits as Chaetomorpha (namely, multicellular and stable when pruned, fast-growing and non-toxic). It is somewhat more demanding about receiving strong water flow and light and really excels if kept tumbling, although Gracilaria will attach to a substrate readily.
As a display algae it can be pruned easily, is atractive and provides good cover for pods. yay. it seems a little more "brittle" than some other algaes and tends to break up, so this may be something to be aware of if you dont want it spreading through your display.
honestly this algae is right up there with cheatomorpha in its nutrient consuming abilities, triple bonus
its pretty and consumes a lot of waste, and makes good fish food.