mag drive screws?


I hope that subject line wasn't misleading...I am actually writing about the screws on the unit. I just opened my mag 7, nice heavy little pump, and was a bit put off by the metal screws staring back at me. I assume they are stainless steel, but does anyone know? Should I remove this part of the cover for fear of the metal harming my inverts? Any experience would be appreciated. Thanks.


I assume that the manuf. knows what this pump is being used for, and would place some very high grade stainless steel screws in the case. I've never heard of any problems related to them.


Member does say safe for saltwater use, but I guess I just wanted to error on the side of caution. Anyone else?


I don't have any kind of personal experience and I don't want to make you return your pump or anything, but when I was at my local fish store ordering a new pump the guy I talked with said that they rust. I agree with suver that the manuf should know that the pump is going into saltwater applications, so I dont know.
Just letting you know what someone else told me.
But I don't have a mag pump so I dont know.
If anyone knows different please correct this statement


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The Mag utility pumps comes with epoxy encoded screws that won't rust. But the same company also makes the pondmaster pumps that are the same units but cheaper and have just metal screws not coating for fresh water use.