Making saltwater in advance

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Hi, gang. I'm a very simplistic hobbyist. Fish only. Have had tank off and on for more than twenty years. (Even managed to move to a new house with one!) My question is going to sound very remedial. I currently have a 65 gallon running. I would like to make a large batch of water ahead of time for water changes. I got a new 32 gallon rubbermaid brute container. If I run a power head for movement and heater in the container continuously, is it okay to make and store saltwater? (The container does have a cover.)


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Absolutely. I make new water after every water change so it is ready for the next. I use a Norwesco 35 gal vat. I have it plumbed with a recirculating pump that mixes the water then with the opening of one valve and closing of another it pumps directly to my tank. I’ve had water mixed and ready for weeks At a time.


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Agree w above. Only thing i would add, turn on a powerhead a few hrs b4 adding. Just to make sure the co2 and oxygen have mixed correctly. Not a huge deal if adding smaller amounts. I do 10gal water changes weekly and thats a fraction on my volume. I keep it at room temp aswell.


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