Mandarin Owners!


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Hi Guys,
I bought a Mandarin yesterday (Psychadelic version), he seems to be thoroughly enjoying my tank, and is in excellent shape (see photo).
Hes been hunting and nipping at all the rocks, which I take to be a good sign. I also saw him excreting (i know, lucky me eh) so he must be eating something?
This is a little gross but all you mandarin owners, what colour is the faeces? Just taht his was a maroony/red just like the colour of the flatworm in my tank, just wondering if he has been eating them. Good if he has, not a problem particularly if he isnt, jsut curious to know.
Just keeping a good eye on him, if i dont have enough pods in my tnak or anything ill take him back after a week or so.
Very Nice!!!:jumping: I have one too!! what do you mean by "excreting" Mine kind of shoots this cloudy liquid out his gills every now and then... Im totaly stumped as to what that is. Their sweet fish though.. good luck with yours!