Matt's 120g Build


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great tank, Cant wait for the skimmer build! Im all about DIY. Thought about building a skimmer. never took it on befor tho. Built many a Spudzooka tho. Phnumatic and propaine, hairspray too.
cant wait to see.
Lol, me too. I was scared to do a combustion. Even though pneumatic is more pressure


Picked up a bunch of stuff. Camera isn't working guys
But I got:
Eagle eye zoos (13 heads)
A nice orange ricoridea
Neon green montipora (idk the actual name)
Superman monti
A darker frogspawn
Neon green hammer coral
1" x 1" frag of green star polyps
Acans (idk i.d. again)
Also picked up some 2 part and some more aptasia-x
Pictures up when i find out whats wrong with the camera or i get un-lazy.



Figured it's been long enough for an update. lol.
Since before: I now have another wavepoint light so now I have 8 bulbs over my tank, I set up a refugium in my sump, got an octopus skimmer that kicks some butt, picked up a ceramic frag rack at MANCA, and aquascaped. Don't harass me about the egg crate at the bottom, I have a new back of sand, I'm just to lazy to put it in, haha.
Stocklist: red sea sailfin tang, chevron tang, 2 ocellaris clowns, a purple puesdochromis, 4 tiny blue tangs (started with 5, sucks), a black cardinal, sixline wrasse, lawnmower blenny, and 2 chormis's (started with 5, little guys disappear).
Corals / inverts: 5 cleaner shrimp, lots of hermits and snails, large bristle star, millions of baby bristle stars, a large green bubble anemone, and a hot pink rose bubble tip, acropora, lps, softies, pictures :).




Low Light:

High Light:

Random Coral Shots:

Rose Bubble:

Green Bubble: Hiding.

Frag Rack:


Old Picture of cap when I got it: Fagged a lot off already..

Enjoy :D


The really aren't any problems with the fish. I thought it would be different. I'm going to add a yellow tang and kole tang soon. I know, tang police say no. But that's what I'm doing.