maxi jet 1200's only 8.00 bucks


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I will take one if you have any left. just need it shipped to 06084. shiping shoudlnt be more then about $6 USPS priority. you can check tho and let me know. if I dont get a responce on here I will just call ya in a couple days
sorry everybody, i had a family member die, me and my parents had to go to miami and deal with our problem, i see lots of you guys responded to get some maxi's, i'll go down the order and send out,ship,and yes they all work great, there just covered in coral line algea, they don't have there sucsion cups tho as they don't work after a while, i just hang them from back of tank, and place them in rocks shooting out, if you modifie them, watch out, there powerful., thanks for understanding and sorry again,
ok im going down the list, so far i only sold 3 to manny santana, there is 15 left, im working on everybody reply and getting shipping cost, thanks
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Would this work as a replacement for the stock 24g nanocube pump? if so are you shipping these?
well for that size it would be stong, i do know some people that use 2 for a 20 gal high, but they have stony corals because they need strong current, i do have 2 600 maxi jets if you would like those, i'll do them for 6.00 each if you want them,lmk,thanks