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I am going to be moving soon for a new job. The new location is about 7 hours from my current home. Does anyone have any suggestions on the best way to move my tank without losing anything. I currently have a 55 gallon tank with about 90lbs of live rock (give or take a few lbs) with a sand bed.
The fish I have are:
1 Yellow Tang
2 Maroon Clown Fish
2 Firefish (red and purple)
1 Urchin
2 Anemones
Plus my clean up crew and one false percula clown fish in my sump tank because he does not play well with others.
My plan is once I get into my new home is upgrading my tank to at least a 125 gallon or (hopefully) bigger tank and either possibily converting my 55 into a QT tank or trading it in for the bigger tank. Right now when I get new fish I use a 10 Gallon QT tank but I am leaning towards trading to save money and I do not want a tank with only water in it until I have to QT fish and I do not know what else to do with it.
My main goal though is getting everything I currently have moved and keeping it healthy and alive.

My first thoughts were to bag up my fish in bags, buy large rubbermaid containers for the rock and pour my existing water into the containers with the rock then trying to keep a few inches of water in the tank for the sandbed.
Another thing I would like suggestions on is if I get a new tank after moving what kind of tank. I like bowfronts but I have read stories where they burst or crack sometimes. I have also considered the super aquariums that have holes drilled in them with the filters built in on the bottom.
I have moved with tanks is soooo much easier on you..sell or give away the fish and just move sand and rock in buckets.


Originally Posted by SALAMI TRIGGER
I have moved with tanks is soooo much easier on you..sell or give away the fish and just move sand and rock in buckets.
Lol, alot of people get really attatched to their fish.
I do also...
but I figure...all the work...7 hour drive...the possible misshaps ie punctures...spill overs..lack of o2..then after all that driving and moving you now HAVE TO set that tank up when you get to your destination?
For me...Not that attached.
And they still may not survive the whole ordeal.


Not to hijack your thread but will help the both of us. I'll be moving a 150 gallon this weekend. Whats the right way to move sand (not disturbing to much) and the re setting up of the sand. So theres not to long of a wait to get the fish back in the tank. I do have a 55 gallon tank ready to add the water(same from the 150) to if needed. Did any of this make since?

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what would be the best is to be stirring part of your sand and doing large water changes leading up to the day you move. have a good amount of new water made and you shouldnt have a problem, you will have eliviated all the problems with the sand by stirring and doing water changes to get all of the excess nutrients/phos/nitrates.make sure you are able to keep everything warm enough and have extra heaters ready to get the water warm really quickly to add everything back that evening.
Check your local Fish Store for styro shipping boxes. Especially the day after they get the fish in...their dumpsters will be full of them. Then you can use some plastic bags as a liner.
It is best to have the tank already set up IMO. Is it possible to move the tank, sand and LR the day before? Maybe keep the fish in the styro boxes with an air pump.
good luck.....
I moved all my fish from my 55 to my 400 gallon system consisting of a 220, 50x2, 75 sump and 15 refugium and did not lose anything 2 months ago. Sure it was from 1 room to another....but having the tank set up prior to the move would be a bonus.


Thanks for the suggestion on the containers from the lfs. What I have decided to do is hopefully purchase a new tank, set it up in my new home, let it run for a week or so, then move my fish and live rock from my current 55and place them in the new tank.
Luckily I currently rent and will have from now until the end of June or possibily end of July depending on my start date at my new job to move everything from my old place into my new place.