Moving tank onto new stand. What should I do?


I found this great looking new stand and canopy, I want to use with my 75gallon reef. I have a 3" sandbed, and about 90lbs of live rock in my tank. Would I have to break down the entire tank to move the tank from one stand to another? Can I just drain 75% of the water into another clean tank, move the reef tank, then pump the water back in? What do you guys think?


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absolutely move everything out. be prepared for a nightmare. i'm on 4th day for reaquascaping. make sure you have enough storage for all your water, or make sure you have enough made up.


Take the water out, if its light enough, just move the old tank and stand forward, place the new stand behind it, and then pick up the tank and move it to the new one. If its too heavy, just take out all the rock, be sure to only take out the rock above the water level as you drain it, or it will get really cloudy and you might kill the fish. Once drained and light enough, move it, aquascape without wter so you can see, and then add your water back over the rock. Be careful not to disturb the sand when putting the water back. I move tanks all day, i work with the LFS maint. crew and its my job. We do it that way all the time and haven't killed anything.