MSCenter58's 55 gallon diary


ok idk if any of you have read my other thread but yes im upgrading from a 20 gallon to a 55 gallon mainly becuase parameters are easier to keep and there are alot more fish choices that you can keep in a 55.
Also i need some ideas on a stock list right now i have a royal gramma, magenta dottyback and a valentini puffer i planned on adding some sort of tang but i know not to many can fit in a 55 let me know your thoughts

small triggers

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NO tangs that i know of will work in a 55 for over a year. (and even that is pushing it for one of those tiny ones the LFS' get every once in a while.) With that said, you could easily add a longnose hawk, any of the smaller dwarf angels, cardinalfish, smaller wrasses and of course gobies, blennies and damsels/clowns


well i finally got the tank and its been set up for a couple weeks now i will b posting pics let me know what you think