my 75 gallon mixed reef


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if your referring to the purple monti you THINK is bleaching, i got it at the lfs and it was half dead, so i bought it and its in the process of growing back


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what coral in my tank is bleaching? fwi, my phosphate levels are UNDETECTABLE and the reason i have algae (cyanobacteria) or slime aglae is because i dont have sufficient flow in my tank. i ordered a vortech MP20 to resolve the problem. i take some of the caulerpa out every month so it doesnt get worse, and the reason i have it in there is to remove nitrates.
and btw thats not an anemone, its torch coral
please dont jump to conclusions before reading the thread

You have UNDETECTABLE phosphate because it is all in you tank....As far as the torch coral (my bad on the anemone) it just look like it was melting in the one picture.....Im just curious why you keep on buying bleach or dead coral??? You should stop going to that fish store and if your getting water from there it could be what is causing your algae.....cause if they are selling you dead coral then they are probally not changing there filters! IM not trying to bust you chops but you ask for people opinions and if you all about having caulerpa growing threw out your DT then go for it...


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i bought one piece of "dead" coral for $10. it grew back tremendously. the reason i buy "dead" coral is because its a cheap price and why not buy it when you know that you can grow it back
that just doesn't make sense to me.
i don't buy water from that store i use drinkmore.
i just tested my phosphate and just as i said it is undetectable.


looks like your moving along. love the pink birdnest and the purple monti.

i think what the other poster was trying to say was the reason your phosphates are untraceable is because your caulpera is using them before they can build up to a detectable level. but if it works for you and you enjoy the way your tank looks. then keep with it.
I agree, this board (Share Your Aquarium) should be about positive feedback and maybe a little constructive criticism, not negative feedback.
With that said, I hate your tank! Just kidding!!!

Very nice and I love the clam!