My Bday Present


happy birthday awsome new additions.i hope my hubby takes me to the lfs store for my birthday but he probaly wont he hates taking me up there


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My boyfriend is going to take me to the LFS for my birthday whether he wants to or not.
Of course, I just need some new PC bulbs...but I'd like to snatch up some new inverts at the very least.


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OMG....look at the size of that green monti cap in the last pic!!!!
You need to frag off that bad is beautiful


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Thank you all for the kind words! There is an argument over it being a favia or favites. Here is another one that's kind of cool. Yes, I have mojanoes...slowly trying to eradicate them.

Purple pagoda



Active Member I get to eat the whole thing?
Thanks again everyone.
Reefreak, it was set up in late Nov. 06, but most of it came from my 75 that was set up in Feb 03'. We moved from an apt. to a home, and built the tank before we moved in. So..basicly four years, once moved. It had a completely new live sandbed, and 100% new water. It is the reason I am going slow taking out the mojanoes. I don't want to upset the balance with too much kalk, so I hit them every two weeks just before a water change.


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i bet i looks cool under just actinics. ill take a piece of that cap too
. also is that a pincushion urchin in there on the megaflow? i was thinking about getting one and wanted to know how well it would do.


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Yeah it pops under the's the brightest thing in the tank! The urchin is a blue tuxedo. I like them alot. Establishd tank with plenty of LR, acclimate slow, can eat some coraline.


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Originally Posted by promisetbg
There is an argument over it being a favia or favites.
IMO, Favites and a nice one at that.