My beautiful car.......

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i am though sorta confused as to why you work for one insurance agent but have another... :p
Well I actually started out in the ins business WITH my State Farm agent, I went in the office to sign papers for my policy and he offeredd me a telemarketing/ customer service type position a few days a week back in 2002. Then came my divorce so I needed to find more hours in order to make the bills. Well I ended up in a different Allstate office, the agent actively called and persued me to come work for her. After a few years she sent me to school to get licensed to sell insurance and within 6 months SOLD he book of business to a MAJOR JERK!
So I ended up with this agent, I have been here almost 3 years and as much as my S.F agent keeps asking me to come work for him again, I am not going anywhere.....I have an awesome working relationship with my boss and I would never leave him!!!!!
So there is my story, I wouldnt remove my business from S.F b/c Rich has always been good to me!

Oh and my poor lil car has OVER 10,000 in damages and the book value is 7500 so it is a goner!

BUT Im going to look at a few Impalas tonight!!!!!!!
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why so attached to a chevy impala?
its not even a real impala...
Why slap a girl while she's down?!?!?!? (not being mean)
Beacause they are Sweet! I worked my a$$ of for 5 years to get that car and it got smashed a lil over a year after I got it. AND it has proven to be a good safe car for my family
There was a REAL Impala that my landlord owned but he wouldnt give that to me, it was his dad's but he would have given me his new truck! LOL
thanks for stickin up for me jenny

Well the car is gone and I will have my new one a week from today. Its not ever really gonna be the same but hey its just a car right?
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new impala? or new car in general?
Yeah new Impala, green to make my lil girls happy.....less miles than mine but other than a few minor details its the same thing. A mustang is just not a sensable family car or we would have gone with that!

I was looking at a few other things too but I dont want anything smaller and with the price of gas really didnt want an SUV so we decided to stick with what we know is good for our family.