My carpet anemone not eating


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I got a carpet anemone for my nano tank a month back, for the first two weeks he was good eating shrimps which I gave twice a week. He also started hosting sebae clowns which I added later on, after few days of new fish introduction my anemone stopped eating totally. It's been more than a week since he ate anything, I tried giving it shrimps and also other fishes but he is totally not interested in eating.
Yesterday he detached himself from his spot and moved on under the rock and today morning he is in another spot but looks shrunk, he is maintaining his colour but his mouth is open for a week now.
Any advice as to his behaviour?
Ok, so obviously I'm a photo hog.. I noticed right next to where the hermit is, his green polyps are gone.. the muscle or 'meat' itself doesn't look bad, but the polyps are Speed Test missing..
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