My first mushrooms.


There no real reason for this post other than to document my first coral/squishything....
Ok, while picking up some supplies from the LFS, I peeked into the coral tanks (as usual). I found that they had some cool lookin mushrooms but they were on hold. Peeking around some more, I noticed that there was this tiny rock hiding behind a flowerpot with some mushrooms on it. It seemed that it mightve been from the same rock as the one that was on hold.
When I asked about the mushrooms, the clerk said that I could have it for $6. Sold!
I brought it home. Did a water change (was meaning to do that this weekend but put it off til today). Started to drip acclimate the mushrooms. When I pulled them out of the bag they almost looked like polyps. Heres a pic of them acclimating...
(this rock is pretty small. Those guys in the pic are about the size of a button polyp.)


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Sweet deal, cant go wrong with shrooms, IMO. My last shroom addition was about 3-4 months ago and I paid $35 for them and there was only 2 shrooms on it, but one was about 3-4" across, just huge! At that point and time I had money to blow and didn't care. Well now its given me 4 more babies--now its worth the money. How are yours today?


Oh sorry Clarkiiboi, I dont think I got the notice that I had a reply on here....
It looks like they are a bit happier now. They've been knocked down to the substrate twice now by snails I think. The rock is upside down from what it was before but they just turned around.
I just took this pic. I'll try to take a better one. I might move them from where they are. I cant seem to tell if they are stretching for more light or not. I only have 2 watts (50/50 PC)per gal right now.
I saw some red shrooms at the LFS the other day for $31. Not nearly as big as yours but there was a decent cluster of them. These little guys are my own test for myself. Starting off easy with the corals, see how it goes then I'll add more and get into the cooler stuff. Just need more light. :)


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I got some (6-7 to be more precise) blue shrooms from my LFS a while ago. One of them was actualy green though, and the 3 biggest ones were 3-4". Got them all for $7. Great deal!