My LFS elegance.

florida joe

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This video was taken today. I questioned the store person about husbandry. He said this elegance as well as the one in his personal tank are years old. They were purchased at a whole sale trade show. They are certified Australia elegance. He has never seen a non-Australia one last longer than six months. He does not believe that too much filtration is a hindrance in keeping them. He target feeds his at home but does not with the one in the store. As you can see all the corals in this tank have great growth



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Brings tears to my eyes.

I've litteraly researched everything Google possible has to offer on the subject of elegance corals at this point.

I believe the last two specimines I got have been miss advertised as Aussie specimines but believe they are truly Indonesian which is where the vast majority of corals in the US come from.

And that Indonesian specimine populations are grossly over estimated. No longer found and collected near shore. But found mostly in deeper (30 meters) water. Which is probably more difficult for the average hobbyist to replicate.

Buyer beware.