My tank looks rlly bad. And I can’t fix it?!!


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you got a little algae. I would recommend macro alage like cheato in a refugium. And killing the lights to kill off the uglies.

Once the refugium is in control the display will look much cleaner.

and a clean up crew would help as well.

my .02

Lisa L. Meyers

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To ensure the healthiness and happiness of your fish then always remember to clean your fish tank properly. If your fish tank does not clear properly then it would be harmful to your fish health.
You may get some algae in your tank which you need to clear as soon as possible. But before you clean the sides of your tank always wear algae pad. And one more important things that do not clean it with shop or something like that always clean it with algae scraper to remove all dirt.
Maybe this suggestion will help you to clean your tank.