Need a disease ID - True Percula


I have a 75g tank with 75lbs live rock and 75lbs arag-alive sand. Keep in mind that my tank has tons of inverts that are doing great. Also a blue linkia, and anemones.
20% RO/DI water (just got my setup)
PH 8.2
Amm 0
trite 0
trates 25
KH 13
Cal 320 (just did water change and haven't raised yet)
Temp 80
I had a Hippo in my tank for about 2 weeks then it died very quickly from what I thought to be ick. So I read the boards and let the tank sit for over a month and a half to let the ick die off. I recently purchased about a 1 1/2 inch percula and it starting showing pretty close to the same signs as the tang did. I have only had it in the tank for about 3 days. It looked fine as of this morning, then I noticed it swimming funny and after about an hour it had declined to the point that it could do nothing but lay on the sand. So after about 2 hours it was dead. There are two spots on the right side of the clown and a white rubbed looking spot on the left side. He looked great for the first two days, and this showed up all of a sudden and killed him extremely fast.
What diseases would live in a tank with only inverts??? I purchased my tank used, and I think it was used as a lobster tank before I got it. Would this have something to do with my problem? I just can't understand how inverts can live and my fish can't being as the inverts are the more sensitive species. I've had some of the inverts since I set the tank up about 7-8 months ago and they're wide open.
This has me puzzled and a picture wasn't going to be enough to satisfy me so I took video clips. I will include them and see if anybody has any ideas what this is.
Clip of spots on right side
Clip of Rubbed patch on left side
Well I just edited this post. After reading a little bit, I think I pinpointed it as Brookynella. Clownfish disease (mostly in wild clowns). White patches. Loose skin coming off. Well I included another clip of the skin and I think this is it.
Clip of Skin
So now I have a few more questions. Is Brook something that lives in your tank without fish. How do I get it out?? Do I wait another month with no fish???? :confused:


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It does look like brooklynella, but post mortem, its a bit hard to tell.
Brook does not live in your tank, it is transmitted more directly from fish to fish. Obviously, your perc had the brook when you bought him.
The solution to these problem is getting a QT and be prepared to treat fish while they are quarantine before introducing them and their diseases to your tank.


I think I may also have the same problem. I purchased 2 Ocellaris clown fish from a LFS and I was told they were sent in from Jakarta. They looked fine when I first bought the fish and then they started breathing heavily and one developed a white film over his face and then the next day he passed on. The second is also ill and it looks as if he had a bumps under his scales and a rubbed spot on one side along with his fins being eaten away. I don't see the spots that look like sand ie ich but he is definitley ill. Does this sound like the same disease or another?


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Formalin bath is the solution.
The correct dose is 1ml or 1cc per gallon of dip water. This is 20 drops per gallon. The dip should last 45 minutes and must be aerated during treatment. The procedure should be repeated every other day for 3 to 5 treatments. Disguard treatment water after each bath.
Take a look at Terry's article posted up in the FAQ thread.