Need help with a biocube


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I had two clownfish and live rock in this biocube. Been running with 0 nitrates for well over a year. Live sand. I use the bottled expensive aquarium water for changes. The one clownfish beat the other up, so then it housed the one and the other is in another tank.eventually the clown died suddenly after 14 months. All water parameters checked. I recently order a goby and it died immediately after acclimation, tried a yellow tang and it died after I did a 50% water change before putting it in after acclimation.. The fish seem to go through water acclimation fine until I release them in the tank. I’m running a more powerful pump than it came with, cleaned weekly, filter, fluval Carbon, and it?

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When the water evaporated, what water did you use? Did you buy both clown fish at the same time or separately? What saltwater is it that you bought when the goby & tang died? What was the salinity of the aquariums that had the separated clownfish, goby & tang? Did you ever quarantine the goby & the tang? The aquarium you set up for the separated clown fish. Where did the saltwater come from & anything else you put in it like sand & rock?
Ive had a bc29 for 2 years now. I removed everything in the back filtration wise besides the return pump. I seperated the middle chamber in 2 with a peice of acrylic making the rear sump have 4 chambers. So. Whats going on under the hood Kodi nox ..
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