Need help with my new lettuce sea slug


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I purchased a cleaner crew from and it came with 2 Lettuce sea slugs. I read all up on them and am aclimating them properly. Here is what is in my tank,
Cole Tang
Yellow Tang
6 blue damsels
1 3 stripe damsel(I call him Pitbull Fish)

2.5 Ft Zebra Moray
4" maroon clown and his 7" bubble tip
Clown goby(rusty)
2" neon dotty back
Chocolate Chip Star
Leather - Devil Hand
Mushroom Coral - Blue
Leather - Tree
and then this other fish and i am sure everyone is going to scream at me but my dad baught him for my moms 60g hex fish only tank, he's a harlequin Tusk by the way, well he about died and was doing flips and yea anyway so i scooped him up and acclimated him properly to my tank,(which i know 100% my water is awesome in)I wanted to save his life. Anyway he went at one of my crabs right away and now is leaving him alone. I am very concerned what he will do to my corals and other inverts.
As for the Sea slugs, do they have a natural defence or anything? will he eat them too? thanks so much for your help.


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well the tusks are hit or miss really with corals and inverts imo. sometimes if you have the inverts before the tusk it wont bother them but will eat inverts added after the tusk. as far as the slug i dont think its in the tusks diet but they will most likely get sucked up in the overflow and die that way . sorry to be so blunt